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MSP COVD-19 Help


As a community we are coming together to help. This is certainly a time when IT can shine. We are finding new ways to connect and collaborate. We are helping businesses connect remotely and securely. For some this means business is overworked; for others there is a struggle to keep the (virtual) doors open. And we are all trying to find ways to support our communities. If you are a vendor and have free resources to share, join us. If you are an MSP that has a need or an expertise to share, join us. If you believe IT can help us in this crisis, join us.

Fire. Aim. Ready.

In the measured world of IT, where ready, aim, fire is key, our clients have just been thrown into Fire. Aim. Ready. They need our help to steady the course. That’s why we are here. This week we MSPs had our phones (VOIP, btw, because we are MSPs) ringing off the hook. We were hearing variations of the following:

    • How do I get my employees the ability to work from home?
    • Can I access my files and secure my data from home?
    • What do I need so I can transfer calls from my office to my remote staff?
    • And we even heard the occasional:
      • I am so glad I listened to you at our last QBR.
      • You’ve been telling me to do this for years!

So our clients have been “fired” into the land of remote work and that feels like their hair is on fire.

These frantic calls tell us that they want and need our help to aim on the right actions to take NOW. And in the future, we will need to help them steady (a reactive ready) their course for long term success AND security.

Let’s start with Now. Communication is key.

Our clients need to know we are there for them. If they haven’t reached out, reach out to them.


How? The best methods.

Our clients are getting a steady barrage of emails, so find another way. Channel members and guests of the ITOwner’s group suggested the following:

  • Reach out on LinkedIn. There is less noise and you can go right to the business owner.
  • Pick up the phone. If your email is lost in the inbox, a call gets you heard. Plus your voice and desire to help might just be the assurance (and advice) they need.
  • If individual outreach seems overwhelming, offer a webinar, virtual office hours or even a virtual Lunch ‘n’ Learn or ‘Coffee Talk’ to share solutions and answer questions. 

These ideas all show the intent to help and not push sales.


What? Help and information.

Clients who never had this need before need to be educated. They need help understanding the technology complexities of securing a remote workforce. Resources from CDC checklists to risk assessments have been provided (for free) to aid in this conversation. Find resources here.


When? Yes.

Immediately and for the foreseeable future until everyone is situated to a temporary (or maybe new) normal.


What else? Support.

We also need to think about ways we can support our broader community and businesses for whom this is crippling. Sign up to share your voice!

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